Cash for your old catering furniture?

    Picked up within 5 working days
    Direct cash or by bank
    Everything is recycled

    Let us buy your catering furniture and give your goods a new life

    When it comes to buying up catering furniture, is the specialist. Do you want to get rid of the furniture from your school, church, company, catering facility, canteen or event location and you don’t know what to do with it? Please contact us and we will ensure that your furniture ends up properly. We are a buyer from Culemborg, but we are active throughout the Benelux. Through us you can be sure that your furniture will get a new lease of life.

    Buying catering furniture via

    If you have furniture that you want to get rid of, you can easily contact us by telephone (010 2600 113) or by e-mail ( This is possible from locations throughout the Benelux. Our specialists are ready to help you further. On our website you will find a handy contact form where you can fill in all the information we need. If you have photos, please include them so that we can make an estimate in advance. We will then visit you to view your goods and take them off your hands. If you work with us as a catering buyer, you will benefit from the following advantages:

    • We will collect your goods within 5 working days;
    • We disassemble the furniture for you and take everything with us;
    • We always leave your rooms tidy;
    • We pay directly in cash or via the bank;
    • We make sure everything is recycled.

    Always the best deals

    It is helpful if you first send us some pictures of what you want to sell, so that we can view them in advance. We will then contact you shortly so that we can make an appointment and visit you. And we can do that quickly, because we pick up your goods within 5 working days. Once on location, we look at your furniture and immediately make an offer. We will then give you the best deal and pay immediately. You can quickly get rid of your catering furniture if you work with us as a buyer for the catering industry. We clean your goods and put your catering furniture for sale for people who benefit from this. You are rid of your goods and we give them a second chance. Let us buy your catering furniture and you will be released from your goods quickly.

    What does do for you?

    Let us buy your catering furniture and we will take care of everything for you. We buy your complete stock and disassemble and transport it ourselves. Of course we deliver custom work, because no catering facility and situation is the same. Your space will be delivered empty and tidy and our employees are experienced and careful. In addition, you will not have to deal with unexpected costs afterwards, because we are open and honest from the start. You know exactly where you stand and are the buyer of catering furniture in the Benelux. No job is too crazy for us. Whatever your reason for getting rid of your goods, they are in good hands with us.

    What do we buy?

    We are specifically interested in furniture, but we are also a buyer of catering equipment. If you have a restaurant, we are happy to take your sofas, tables, chairs, stools, appliances and patio furniture with you. We are also at your disposal if you have a snack bar, a disco, a school, association or a care home. We can purchase hospitality furniture from a wide variety of companies and institutions, regardless of the condition, age and manufacturer of your goods. Are you still in doubt and are you not sure that we can relieve you of your belongings? Please contact our specialists to discuss this further.

    Your goods end up well

    If you have a large number of furniture that you want to get rid of, you may be wondering who is still interested in it. The answer is: us. If we buy your catering furniture, you no longer have to worry about it. We are specialists in the catering purchase and understand better than anyone that you want to get a good price for this. That is why we always make a fair offer for your goods and our services. We are known for our affordable prices and experienced staff. Let us completely unburden you by placing your catering furniture at We are fast, effective, professional and ensure that everything is left tidy.


    Do you have any questions about the furniture you want to sell? Or do you want us to quickly buy your catering furniture so that you can continue? Please contact us. This can be done via or by telephone with number 010 2600 113. We operate throughout the Benelux and our specialists are immediately ready for you. That is one less worry for you.

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